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What is AssureClick?

AssureClick solves the problem of how to provide rigorous testing in a configuration – simply.

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“This will save me 3 weeks for every deployment”
Scott from a major health insurance company
“One day you guys will be freaking rich because this is something Salesforce missed to implement. Everybody needs this.”
Alex from the industry-leading solution for online, data, and computer backup software
“Congratulations for this product. Really cool!”
Dan a leading architect

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AssureClick Solutions

AssureClick offers a rigorous Salesforce Testing Tool as well as Testing and Training services.

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AssureClick enables business users, not just administrators and developers, to rapidly create test cases by recording them in Best of all, the generated test scripts are saved in the database and can be used again and again. Now any size configuration can realize fully automated functional testing without bearing the full cost of a traditional testing team or the complexity of most automated solutions.

Fully Automated Testing for
is just a click away.

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+1 (888) 316-3080 

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AssureClick pricing is based on users per month. Prices start at at $99 per license per month. For applications with less than 30 licenses, our price is as low at $499 annually.

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AssureClick also has a Partner Program with attractively discounted pricing designed especially for our Certified Partners. Partner pricing is also based on users per month, starting as low as $49 per license.